Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jazz on Tuesdays---- where do stories begin?


I just watched a video of Neil Peart playing drums with the Buddy Rich Big Band. He was the drummer at the first concert I ever went to, which was way back in the day when I was a bit of a punk who loved a certain power trio called Rush.

When was it that I first listened to 2112, an LP purchased by an elder sister? Why did she by it, or did I?

Or was it hearing Fly By Night on the radio?

Where was I recently when I heard a documentary was made about Rush?

How did I reconnect with a friend from HS on facebook and why after all these years is his passion for Rush (and he is not alone out there) did he let all of us know that he had gone to see Rush in the same city I saw them 35 +/- years ago. Was it because he wanted me to remember to ad that DVD to my list at Netflix, so I just watched it and that is why I know he is not alone.

And I found out that Neil Peart had played with the big band.

But why did Buddy Rich's Daughter invite Neil Peart to play in a tribute concert, maybe because so many feel he is the best drummer... 4 straight years all types of drummers have voted him the best drummer.

Maybe he wants to get better, and so after that concert and bit disappointed with his performance, and while on tour with Rush he organized a way to get 20 of the best drummers in the world to be recorded with the Buddy Rich Big Band, and so, like I said, "I just watched a video..."

Of the first drummer (and best?) I ever saw swinging, because he so wanted to swing!

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