Monday, September 6, 2010

Science Mondays--- a plan takes shape

Tomorrow I will start another year of teaching and the last thing on my syllabus (after a threat to feed my dog any cell phone that rings) is this...

"Science and Religion: These are two different ways to view the world. It is not the responsibility of either to prove or disprove the other. This is a science class and we will keep to a scientific view of the world and not spend energy trying to disprove religious beliefs, unless those beliefs are presented as being scientific."

On Wednesday we will work our way through this video and we will see science as the way to disprove what is baloney--- whether the baloney is put out by a religion or a scientist, whose world view or desire for fame or need for funding has affected their claims.

I want the students also to have a deeper understanding of how science works beyond the "scientific method." Yes, I will teach that method, because that is what they will be tested on by the state. But on Thursday and Friday they will also learn a bit on how these folks view how science really works.

and, yes, I don't own a dog.


  1. LOL I knew the dog was a bluff.

    Fantastic post. I've been working almost nonstop for three days. I'm still not ready for this week but I think I have a plan that will get me through the next two days and I actually have a unit plan out until the middle of next week.

    I have three labs planned for tomorrow. I'll do whichever one I end up scrounging enough equipment to do! I have an empty classroom.

    Tomorrow I am going to hang up your Wernersville doodle and it will feel more like home. I'll have the company of another science teacher - at least in spirit!

  2. I REALLY like your solution to cell phones in class. I also like that you are prompting your students to look behind theories and ads and all information, to see who stands to benefit. Wish more people would do the same.

    Good luck with your new school year!

  3. Kathryn... thanks. today went well and it feels right to be teaching science again. My first period class is a "current science" class and we stumbled upon an article about a chemical in the brain of cockroaches that is an amazing antibacterial agent. led to a discussion about penicillin, MRSA...

    Snowcatcher... My mind is working hard to keep going on this simple plan from yesterday.


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