Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moon Jazz V and a shout out to Paul Grecian

Here we go with tunes number 13, 14, and 15 as we head to 21 to honor the moon, Sophia, and jazz... and a special treat awaits those who get to the bottom of the post.

Full Moon setting...3/31/10

as we head down to the surprise keep in mind is What A Little Moonlight Can Do --- here sung by Billy Holiday

But you must get yourself Beneath the Moonlit Sky or it won't happen. Jazz violoist Stephane Grappelli... what a find this was...

And then if you are a very aware of what is In The Glow of the Moon --- Here the ten voices of Pacific Standard Time come together for a beautiful take...

In his recent blog post wildlife/nature photographer Paul Grecian catches a star with radial symmetry in the moonlight. Check out his amazing photo here. I have admired Paul's art at many a craft show and it is an honor when we are in a show with him. I like to think that Paul is a talented communicator and that his art requires it. Nature is constantly telling us to look over here, something amazing is happening.

Sometimes we catch it sometime we don't. When I browse through Paul's photography it is clear that he is one who listens closely to nature's desire to be seen and answers with his creative tools--- brain, camera, and soul. The moonbeams directed Paul and he followed. And so we are blessed when he shares his talent.

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  1. Thanks for the afternoon serenade! And thank you for visiting my blog earlier today.

  2. altar ego--- thanks for returning the favor. Glad you liked the jazz. It is a response to a silent retreat I participated in at the end of August.


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