Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crafting on Thursdays- commissions don't need to be huge and can be blue

In a recent post, a friend speaks of how she would hire me to design a rose window if she ever gets that hermitage she desires. She knows that I do smaller commissions, because she has commissioned a piece that could fly to Rome inside a suitcase--- (Mosaic Woman blogged about that).

At one point in my life I would love to design a huge installation project, but I also find joy in folk asking me to create something to their liking. At Lansdale's Art festival, a friend saw a simple 4 piece design of mine done in green. She asked MW if I could do it in blue. Last night I did it from start to finish, and in the midst of starting a school year, I needed a small task. See a design you like, I can do it in any color you want, though I may be a bit low in mauve glass these days.

I used a blue glass, which is rather opaque, so it will look cool no matter which way the light is shining...

and from behind...



  1. I'm headed out to the backyard to say morning prayer, a different kind of hermitage!

  2. I laid flat on my back on my bed and breathed in renewal and breathed out what needed to be cleansed


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