Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crafting on Thursdays- greeting the day, a testimonial

Mosaic Woman and I just had a business meeting at the local diner. She had spent some time today consulting with Tara Gentile to help us in thinking big about our growing craft business. And thus inspired to move on something we had previously chatted about, we made a list of folk who we would be honored to have write a testimonial to add to our websites.

But I was thinking, that if we expect others to believe in us then we better believe in us to, so here is my testimonial.

The other night I blogged about how a day ended and night came. However, I said nothing about how I was awed by how the previous night had ended that very morning. I don't sleep in well at home, or on retreats. Or I guess I am an early riser, so when I arose that morning, what greeted me was a dark circle and a cross hanging in the window. They could have been made out of black glass for all that it mattered. Something moved inside of me to not roll over or to hop out of bed. Instead I watched my glass come into being. The cross became full fast. Light colors that were more than willing to let light reach my eyes (photos were taken at another time, but during my retreat at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville, PA) ...

But the mandala had other plans. And at one point 4/21 exposed itself to my eyes. Then the light green came alive as the blue slowly emerged. The dark violet came next and finally the light violet came to view. How long did it take? I can't tell you, but I knew I was witnessing a new day coming into existence and coming to me through the piece of stained glass I had made to be with me on retreat. The day was unfolding and I was being aware.

However, the 21st piece remained dark. And I knew from observing the mandala for a few days that I would have to lay still for quite a while if I wanted the day to be complete. Later that day it was full...

and that night I watched as the light that had emerged in the morning left so that soon another day could come into being. So, yes indeedy... I dig my stained glass.


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