Monday, December 27, 2010

Science Mondays--- ALL

Mosaic Woman gave me All of Science for Christmas. She just may know me very well.

In the past few years, I have taught the following courses: Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Geology, Ecology, Earth & Space, Zoology, and something I have come to call Social Science.

"What, no Chemistry'" you say, well you would have to go back to my very first year of teaching to see that on my resume.

"No Meteorology, no Botany, no .... " well give me time I do have to keep the horticulture program flowing.

I dig science. And I have a job where a small group of students, who need a bit more attention than the average group, get to spend a few or several years experiencing my passion. Maybe it is a good thing I never got that doctorate I planned on but never even started.


  1. Didn't realize you were so versified in your talents beyond horticulture and stained glass! Also thought I had commented on your last post, but must have gotten interrupted by "the boss"...

  2. Not sure I knew you were working with special students. I'm glad your life took the path it did, too. It's so wonderful to give a little extra to the ones who need it a little more!

  3. All--- Thanks. I have read that 75% of special ed teachers last less than 10 years. This is my 24th. Trying to keep up with the laws of special ed is almost as easy as trying to keep up with the laws of science.


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