Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--- Viewing the Annunciation by Tanner

47  132/365  One of my favorites

47  133/365  Mary from an angle

47 134/365  Tanner's Mary up close

47  135/365  standing back to get the whole picture


  1. Love it. Thinking about heading up to see her again on New Year's.

  2. I had not seen this before. How lovely and timely!

  3. Di--- we hope to make it to the big city on my break too.

    Snowcatcher--- it is a painting that has caught the eye and soul of many a person who happen upon it. We are blessed to have it in Philly.

  4. Oh that is gorgeous! No, I hadn't seen this - amazing! :0)

  5. Lisa--- if you ever return to the museum, be sure to see it. Thanks for the visit.


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