Friday, December 31, 2010

Fridays in PA---- Tiffany Lamps Come to Reading Public Museum

10 weeks ago I was displaying my stained glass, while also being on my annual Walking with God Retreat, when I was told about an exhibit I may want to see. The Reading Public Museum had a display of Tiffany lamps. Soon a letter came in the mail from my new friend. It contained info on the museum and two discount passes. Then craft show delirium hit home.

With my winter break from teaching dwindling and the show ending date (1/234/10) approaching, Mosaic Woman and I took a day trip yesterday to check out the lamps. The museum put on a wonderful display and I was curious if it would spur me to finally design a Stratoz lamp. Maybe? To do it right it needs to be complicated and that means costly. The Tiffany Lamps sold for 1/4 to 1/2 of the average US salary back in the day. Can you imagine? Don't think I would charge that much.

I also was looking for a facebook profile photo shoot opportunity. The last two had been standing behind and peering through sculptures, so as I walked the museum I kept my eyes open for the location of my next profile photo. Mosaic Woman took the photo of me peering through a ceremonial table from the Philippines. The museum had much to look at other than the lamps and I got to say some glass caught my eye: A stained glass tribute to Irvin F. Impink, who donated land for the museum, which greets you as you climb the stairs.

Happy New Years!


  1. Margaret always takes the best photos of you mingling with the art!

  2. Without meaning to offend, your photo reminds me of the "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" scenario. Happy New Year, Wayne...

  3. Valerie--- Yes she does!

    Jim--- Margaret had taken a few photos when I realized I needed to pose as the figures in the table. The last one one was the best in the batch

  4. Congatulations and Happy New Year ! ;-)

  5. The stained glass in the last photo is beautiful.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Juan-Carlos --- Thanks for the visit and all the positive tweets this year

    Squirrel Queen ---- Happy New year too you. There were two others in the same style but dedications to other folk important to the history of the museum


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