Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafting on Thursdays--- #6 The Water Tower Show

I am tired. It seems to have hit me this evening. Teaching and crafting have dominated my life from morning to night for 6 plus weeks but there is light facing me. This weekend we do our final show for 2010, the Water Tower Show in Chestnut Hill,

then 8 days of teaching and I can spend some time building up my stock, going on day trips with Mosaic Woman, and getting some rest.

Last night I desired to create something with a sheet of yellow/orange glass for the show. I cut out three pieces and placed it into the center:


  1. looks very beautiful held up to the light... all the best to Nutmeg Designs at the show this weekend :)

  2. Valerie, the show was looking like a bit of a flop then we had an amazing two hours at the very end! I bartered this piece to get Margaret a present.


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