Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is why ...

I pull out my cell phone and say I have someone to call, Mosaic Woman, who just helped me set up our booth is confused as I never use my phone.

The friend I call and his wife will have a hoot harrassing me for the next 30 hours because they keep seeing me outside of the booth and tell me I take too many breaks, but three times they stop by and and each time leave with something that speaks to them. Including two stained glass hearts, one for his meditation room.

Later I am awed by the fact that in the past year every heart I have sold big and small has gone to a friend. Our hearts.

Months ago a friend suggests a design in certain colors. Finally I take her advice and show her a photo on facebook . She tells me she will stop by and when she does I am not on break. But when I take a lunch break I run into her, and who else, my friend and his wife.

A very young boy enters the booth and announces he is going to buy something. I say, "OK," and glance about for a parent. He points to one, but it is too expensive. I point to one that is as cheap as I go and he digs it. Two crumpled bills appear in his hand. They look not quite right, but then I realize they are two dollar bills. Then a roll of coins emerge. Quarters????

No, it is a coin I have never seen before... Canadian money? He starts counting by ones. He hits 11 and the coins and bills fall to the ground.

I form a cup in my hand and when the counting hits ten, I whisper in his ear, "If you don't tell anyone you can have it for ten." He digs it.

I hold the piece up to the light:

He says, "My dad likes green," and leaves our booth.

This is why I do craft shows. See you at the Water Tower in Chestnut Hill this coming weekend?


  1. What a wonderful post! Brought tears to my eyes .... I'm thinking the boy just bought his daddy a present :)

  2. What a joyous story! You are such a treasure for sharing your treasure with that boy!

  3. Kerri, Valerie, and Snowcatcher --- Thanks, for your kind words. One show to go and I am hopeful that joyous moments will occir as we end this hectic season

  4. A very sweet experience for both of you.

    1. Debbie ~ thanks for the visit. The boy came back to the booth this year. Nothing like having a repeat customer who is in elementary school!

  5. Glad you saw him again :-)


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