Sunday, January 13, 2013

Apartment Therapy For Our House

Mosaic Woman surely has kept the house less cluttered since she became a full time artist, but it has never been a strong point. She found a source of motivation at Apartment Therapy. Her commitment has been strong so I am getting drawn into it. Yesterday I took on the dumping zone our mud room and today I have pulled out the vacuum.

Hope that we can keep the momentum. Just need to get some flowers to brighten up the house. However, for now we are keeping our wall of lights plugged in to brighten the winter days...


  1. sounds like you are feeling better.

  2. We've been on a decluttering mission for the past couple of years. Still working on it, but with more urgency now that putting the house on the market is getting closer.

    1. Good luck with the market thing. I would hope we can live here for many many a year. My goal is to get it paid off early and live without a mortgage.


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