Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drumming The Lord's Prayer

I have returned to the Examen with a new twist. When the blessings, the emotions, the flaws, the expectations have been talked over with God, I pick up my drum. Then as the Lord's prayer flows into my thoughts, I drum.

Sometimes the drumming ends with amen, other times it goes on and I send out my hopes for others and for myself to God. One day I may record how it goes, but for now it doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

Anything changing in your routines?


  1. Drumming? Me, too. Every January, I do African drumming with the kids for a couple of weeks. Never thought of it like you just described. Do now though. ;-)

  2. Daisy ~ I have thought of drumming as prayer before but not as this specific prayer

  3. You can drum and do the twist at the same time!?

  4. Nance ~ I can't even kneel on the floor with out my knees asking me why I am so mean to them ;')

    1. with me lately, it's sitting on the floor cross-leged. after a short time my hips scream like a teenage girl at the ed sullivan show's beetles concert.


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