Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things 10 ~ starting afresh

Collaboration by
Margaret Almon andWayne Stratz

New years, new places I called home, new friends, new hopes, new colleges, new jobs, new faith, new glass, new students, new genres of music, new bird sightings, new types of food, new understanding, new color pencils, new ways to cope, new designs, new scientific discoveries ... 

to live an unfolding life is the best thing of all.

and really how better to end this string of posts, with a man who was hanging out in my parents' album collection when I emerged into this unfolding creation ~ 


  1. new favorite things posts, new (to me) music recordings, new pie pans, new recipes, new energy, new days, being renewed...

    1. Nance ~ new recipes indeed. I made a new strudel last week.

  2. Struedel? Does it have any artistic qualities??? :)

    I love the potential emotions behind this piece of glass. Or PEACE of glass.


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