Saturday, January 5, 2013

RevGals got me thinking about 2013

recent date at the Philly art museum

1. Start by sharing your success stories with us: In the past, what resolution has been your most successful? What change have you made that has been the most beneficial, to your mood, health, finances, or other way of being in the world?

Making pizza for friends.  We ended up hosting 22 gatherings in our house and made pizza for friends in 2012.  A ritual formed where Margaret would greet the guests bring them to the kitchen, then take them to see our studios as I got a pizza baking.  Then we would sit, converse and eat for a few hours.  
2. What is one thing you hope to do differently this year with regard to health, either physical or spiritual? If you are satisfied with your current status in both areas, perhaps you would be willing to share something you've already done (or regularly do) to care for yourself.

I need to exercise with my free weights, for who knows it may snow this winter and it always helps when I reenter the garden in the spring.  I return to practicing the Examen prayer would be most splendid for my spirit.
3. What is one thing you hope your family (of origin, of choice, however you define your primary place of mutual emotional sustenance) will do differently this year? A new tradition for birthdays? More vacation time? Game night? Feel free to really dream about ways to deepen your connections with those you love. 

More dates to get out to do fun things other than eating out.  Live music, museums, movies... , these activities have slowed as our mosaic and stained glass business has grown.  But, it is where we find joy and peace and inspiration.
4. What is one thing you hope your community of faith will consider doing differently this year? New music? Different approaches to preaching? Rearranging the furniture? If you are in a position to try to introduce change, share some of your enthusiasm and/ or anxiety with us!

The vestry of my church met this morning.  I sent a link to our rector and our rector's warden to achurchforstarvingartists post about church bucket lists because the idea of random acts of kindness done by a congregation caught my eye/spirit.


5. In what area would you most like to learn to be gentle with yourself? For what would you most like to forgive yourself? Share your ideas and strategies for extending yourself the kind of grace we know we are assured of. 

on a spiritual note... a general lack of prayer though I have shared with many my desire to set up a daily routine.  No daily routine has formed and very little prayer is happening. 

see other responses here 


  1. I struggle with consistency in daily routines. When I let go of expectations, my prayer life got better. Every day is different, but every day, prayer happens. Of course I'm hoping for my own prayer reboot in 2013, too.

    1. Generally speaking I am not so great with daily routines, yet I keep thinking I will get one with prayer. Thanks for your thoughts

  2. 22 pizza parties! I am so there! thanks for playing!

    1. River song ~ Not sure if pizza will be the focus for 2013, but I hope to keep inviting friends to our table

  3. I can't remember any new year's resolutions that have been successful. And there's only one choice that i made that has made real change in me.

    2. I hope to contain/be more whatever i do in Love.

    3. I will hope and pray that their heart will see Jesus

    4. My community of faith is not structured or grouped in one place. However, i pray that all will continue in the faith.

    5. I think would like to remember to be gentle more often, with everyone and myself as well. Less fear and more gentleness would be good.

    BTW ...After reading about your pizza with friends, i am starting a thing of my own and i have sent out an open invite to some friends to come over this friday for soup night. I will make a large batch of soup, along with some bread and cheese.

    1. Thanks for playing along. I am thinking I am feeling well enough to have some friends over this weekend

  4. That's a very effective way of setting realistic resolutions that aren't as much of a burden and easier to realize.

    When I was a young teenager, one of my church teachers gave us each a small rock she had painted individually for each of us. She called them prayer rocks and told us to put them on the floor near our beds. She said when we get out of bed and stub our toes, we should remember to pray.

    I still to this day pray every morning, even though the rock is in a display case instead of on the floor next to my bed. :)

  5. Snowcatcher ~ I have done my evening Examen prayer for the last four evenings, with a twist... Future post


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