Tuesday, November 13, 2007

more on the price of hand made crafts

I stopped myself while writing the last post which was about having fun, but I did start and delete some of what follows. The last two craft fairs which I attended were high-end. Nothing that we could afford. We are close to poor and we are close to rich. We are at the median income for our county, which also means we are far from the poorest and far from the wealthiest. It was that latter group who were buying this weekend. If my mental math was correct, then the average take of a booth last year was $17,000 dollars. That's a good pay for 4 days. But please add in the time and cost spent designing the craft, developing the craft, buying supplies for the craft, creating the craft, advertising, commuting , display cases, packaging.......

M and I know this phenomena.

When she makes mosaics and I make stained glass.

Do we want to take this passion seriously and be able to leave our day jobs? Do we want to one day be elite and only have the wealthiest folk buying our stuff? How do we compete with mass produced pieces made by low wage workers? How do we value our time and what is a fair price?

we see people selling mosaics and stained glass for so cheap that you wonder if they value their time at all... OK this is from the man who tends to give all his art away... next blog post....

As in all things there is a middle ground, the land between expensive and cheap. That is where I want to land.

-- tonight at my church I led a discussion on the two creation stories. one in the room had done exegeses on the first, others had not read them in years, some didn't know there were two. "How does this relate to me in my everyday life,"one asked near the end. Remember it is good. remember you were created in God's image, remember that your marriage is a mystical thing inspired by the human need to be in communion with others. Remember it is good, and you are part of it.


  1. Two creation stories? I am aware of others within religions apart from Christianity, and that not all see the same scenario as having taken place once they've read the Bible version, and, of course, the scientific explanation, but I'm wondering if you speak beyond the scope of the above.....

    As far as your future state of security, your heart tells me you are willing to trust His hand in wherever He takes you....

  2. Jim--Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. God creates twice. The first one was the second to be written.... apparently the first example of the last being first! Interesting to look at how and when humans were created. and also on how God is portrayed differently in each.


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