Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crafting On Thursday--- my vine design

at our etsy shop

It started this way, green. I saw it as a vine after all. It was one of my first designs and has been returned to in many ways. Maybe I love it so much because it captures my doodling style as did my mosaic mandala.

So green it is.

Someone saw a bird, in the design, so I thought... Bird-of Paradise flowers and did one in orange and blue.

Then I realized that the green vine would have to change colors, well, maybe if it was genetically crossed with a variety of maple trees, so I started making my Vine in Autumn colors ...

at Etsy

But the vine called out for some revision, so out came my favorite tools: a pencil and a high quality erasure. It grew a few inches and went from 14 to 18 pieces. I chose colors more centered around what I wanted for this piece (but added some dark green for after all it is a vine).

Maybe this is a summer vine?

At ETSY shop

A friend, who Walks With God and me most Octobers, came to a recent show and bought one of my autumn vines. She has me thinking about a winter vine. You know, a vine crossed with our marvelous Oaks that laugh at winter and keep their earth tone leaves longer than those Maples.

Apparently my vine unfolds along with me. What do you see my vine evolving into?


  1. Chili peppers!!!

    Beautiful, beautiful work. I love this!

  2. Snowcatcher--- thanks for reminding me

  3. Beautiful sculptures! Maybe next time you could create a garden spinner for your next project. Here are a few for inspiration.


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