Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jazz on Tuesday... feeling blessed

I love the clouds...

I am feeling blessed these days. Science flowing out of my mouth at school, far less clutter interfering with living a full life inside my house (look for our e-newsletter tomorrow ... sign up ), my first mosaic mandala is finished and friends saw my essence inside it (will be featured this Thursday on the blog), and the flickr photostream of Lap75. Yep, that is one of her photos above. Please check out her photos. I always associate Lily with birds and for good reasons. Birds adore her. Even warblers stop by so she can photograph them. And any friend of warblers is a friend of mine.

But last Monday I was searching for an orange moon, and I realized that Lily also has a fine relationship with our lunar satellite. She has graciously allowed me to now post 7 of her moon photos (all those moon jazz posts which were done last week except for Tuesday's photo). I am blessed.

So feeling blessed I went to twitter and asked, "what jazz song do you see as a blessing?" I got a few responses, mostly from folk pondering it, but this guy had no problem. And now you will be blessed by his response. Thanks Fred for making this post complete. Saxophonist Charles Lloyd playing Prayer

and as a bonus, I also found the title track... The Water Is Wide.

How are you feeling blessed these days?

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