Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crafting on Thursdays- doodling with glass... done

It was a spiritual time with Mosaic Woman this past weekend as we both finished Mandalas...

A previous crafting on Thursday post announced that I was doodling with glass and I can say it is true, a stratozpheric mandala has unfolded into this world. Friends were over for dinner and when I showed it to them they saw my doodling within the mosaic.

This is how it looks in sunlight...

at our etsy shop

Mosaic Woman was a ton of help with giving me guidance for the technical skills I needed to complete. And while I was grouting this, she was grouting right next to me...

I have plans to do another, and maybe a third and ....


  1. I am completely mesmerized by that first one. Love the pattern, love the colors.

  2. Hey Blackswamp Girl... that mosaic has been many a many doodle in the making. Thanks!

  3. I hope you never quit! These are amazing! Love the colors! Peaceful to gaze at, too.

  4. Such wonderful design and so mesmerizing!

  5. snowcatcher and Icy BC... thanks for the visit and it isn't even a Wednesday... peace and joy be with you.

  6. Your mosaic is beautiful.....the colours are wonderfully reminiscent of the sea.

  7. Art Propelled--- thanks for the visit. Glad I came upon your blog yesterday.


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