Monday, September 13, 2010

Science Mondays---- Cosmic Times by NASA has me telling stories

Last March I blogged about meeting Barbara Mattson on twitter then at the NSTA conference . So I was quite excited about that workshop but never got to it in my classroom, but maybe my desire to use the Cosmic Times website by NASA had me suggest a Earth and Space Science this year.

So I am in 1919 and scientific expeditions are headed to the tropics because during Great Wars scientists smuggled papers of Einstein from Germany to England, space and time are being warped, and it is oh so matching my teaching style.

I love to tell stories and Cosmic Times is loading me up. I stopped today and some students thought it was a cliff hanger.

I also have empathy on my mind. A student directed me to this way cool video by Jeremy Rifkin, a name I had not heard in years. I had read a book of his called Entropy back in the day. Times have not changed, Rifkin still has hope in a world that seems so chaotic. But empathy has grown to larger and larger groups, so maybe one day...

Rifkin speaks of how technology can lead us to increase empathy. A few weeks back I was having trouble with a link on the Cosmic Times website and filled out the "contact us" form. An e-mail came back from... Yes, Barbara Mattson, the only person I know at NASA. We can make connections in knew and amazing ways. The more connections we make from more and more places... maybe it is possible to have that extended empathy. I feel it stretching, do you?

The doodle above is from my silent retreat. I tell my students to feel free to view the world in many ways. So there you have a Jesuit shushed , Sophia blessed, Sunset, Moons, and Stars witnessed, and Moon Jazz listened to response... clearly it is Stratozpheric in nature

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