Thursday, March 26, 2009

eleven is not a lonely number

I just tried to convince Mosaic Woman that the the eye doctor told me that the best way to get used to bifocals is to drink a beer and run up and down the steps. She had some words for me.

I need to keep this light mood. Tomorrow 11 students arrive in my classroom to be introduced to horticulture. That may not sound like a lot, but believe me... It is.

If I can win their hearts and souls to the joy of gardening I will have the extra help I need to make the garden happen. I know I don't have absolute control over this situation, but I do have some. These 11 young men and women are in my charge. I have some fear and trepidations. I need to relax and see the possibilities. I need the wisdom of all the mistakes I have made in the past. And from all the successes.

Then I say... Have a nice weekend... and Mosaic Woman and I head to Kutztown to set up our booth. and yet again, I will need to see the possibilities



  1. Best of luck!! I expect good things to come....

  2. I take it that the beer builds up courage for (pardon my pun)the "trip"?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Giggles--- thanks, but you know it could be the worse show we ever did ;') anyway, set up is done and we are preparing to head out there... traffic will be light if nothing else. The quality of the surrounding crafters is a positive affirmation of us being chosen to be next to them.

    Jim--- I survived without that trip. and I am a firm believer that puns was one of those seeds that the enemy of God released into the kingdom... ;')

  4. Well? How did you make out? Er, I mean.... how was the show??!! ;-)

  5. Wow, some funny people comment here, Wayne. And I do mean funny as in "ha ha" not as in "gamey". Must be due to your own sensk of humour as PopEye used to call it.

    Guess I may have to try your bifocals home remedy some day soon as I'm definitely long overdue for filling that prescription.

    So.. how did you... I mean, so how was the show?


  6. All--- the show... proportionally we made the same ratio of booth fee to sales as we did at North Penn. So we won't complain. All in all 18 items sold in two weeks.

    Mich--- are leaving the world of the anonymous? or was that a slip?

  7. How wonderful that youth want to learn about horticulture and they've got teachers like you to inspire that love.

    I like the idea of the beer and running up and down the steps. But think I'll pass on it. My balance is not quite what it used to be, and with a beer ... oh well.

  8. Wayne,
    Great that you guys are selling!! It would be horrible to put in all that time with no nibbles, eh?

    As for the anonymity, I guess I'm semi-anonymous at this point. Too hard not to sign Mich at this point. My fingers just go there on auto-pilot.



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