Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 chapters: Reading-Berks, Bucks, and Chester: local shows from the PA Guild of Craftsmen

After making it through a one day show in our home town, now we branch out into three counties that surround us all of which have chapters of the PA Guild of Craftsmen, which are having spring shows. Mosaic Woman first contacted a chapter in our county when she decided to join the Guild, but not much was happening, so she headed east to Bucks County. I am glad she did for we have met some great folk in the process.
This mirror got a lot of attention yesterday, but it ended up coming back home with us...
William Yoder, a wood turning pen maker from Souderton, PA was our neighbor across the way from us at the craft show. He is a regular at these North Penn Craft Shows and gave me some words of wisdom such as "zig this way, zag that way." It got me to the restroom. Problem was I did not zag then zig on the way back. He knows our friend Bud from the Buck's Chapter, who inspired this piece, which happened to catch Mr. Yoder's eye and I will take it to Kutztown next weekend....


  1. Both of those pieces are beautiful. Buona fortuna at the next several craft shows!

  2. Y'all are working really hard these days. I hope you both enjoy and benefit from all of these shows, and I'm praying that your shoulder will not cause you trouble with all of the hauling and setting up and taking down I'm sure you'll be doing.

  3. Kathryn--- thanks. the first show went well.

    Zorra---- The shoulder made it through the weekend, including an hour in the garden on Sunday. However, lack of rest and some added stress... may be having my immune system down for the count... first cold of the season might be hitting even though it is "spring time"


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