Sunday, March 15, 2009

words of wisdom

My relatively young blogger friend, Blackswamp Girl (how cool is that name), passed on these words of Albert Einstein to me in a recent comment...

Lately I have been thinking about these...

If I didn't have a hoot with my students I would surely be looking for a new job.

The other day a student made a mistake and called himself an incompetent fool. A few moments later he said he was filthy, so I said... "let me get this right, you are a filthy incompetent fool." As the class ended I had him saying...

Clearly he was more fluent than I.

speaking of having a hoot at work, here is a better link (in my attempt to bring jazz music to Blackswamp Girl and the rest of the masses). Jazz singer Kurt Elling sings with himself and himself and himself... click here if you are curious.

Clearly The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing (or letting those in your presence make your day wonderful). "Try to prove me wrong," says my buddy Albert Einstein.



  1. I get confused, Wayne, by what is termed to be "jazz". Somehow I've always get this picture in my mind of a smoke-filled cafe, a piano player, drummer, and a guy with a clarinet, all slicing up a song in a way that gets into your soul like you've never heard this tune played before. The link that you provide, however, bring me to my favorite genre, what I've always just called "Cole Porter, Gershwin, etc." The former sits in that cafe as if hiding from the world, the latter puts itself center stage and belts it out for all to hear. It's not that I don't like what I call "jazz", just that I don;t understand the difference...

  2. Jim--- jazz comes in many shapes and sizes, just like worship. Some I can live without.

    Porter, Gershwin, .... are standards that even those who do the first that you mention would know. It amazes me how many tunes a jazz player has in his/her head, but to sit in, one must know the standards whether from this time period or that time period or anywhere in between.

  3. I like that blog. I needed another subscription for my reader like I needed a hole in my head but there you go.

    These days, my favorite Einstein quote is that a hypothesis is "imagining the possible". This is way better than the standard and misguided "educated guess" definition that most kids are taught.

  4. I will use that quote today as we move into convergent evolution and examine the only trichromatic monkey in the New World... The Howler

    I am having an impossible time keeping up with the cool gardening blogs I found over winter break.

  5. Wow. A song from my favorite movie ever. Yes, I've actually watched a movie - that one about a gazillion times.

  6. Hahaha... I'm laughing at the "younger" term here, Stratoz. I don't think I mentioned this in my comments back to you, but I've been dating a guy who's about 7 years my junior (and a wonderful, interesting, sweet man) for the past two months. So I do feel "younger" when I'm with him... except occasionally, when the age difference comes up, and then I admit I feel a little old. :)

    And I just emailed that link to myself at work, by the way. I keep meaning to listen to it there, where I have good speakers, instead of here, where I have crappy laptop speakers! Thanks again for that!

  7. MsKlem--- does this mean less reality TV and more great movies in your future?

    Blackswamp Girl--- I have been dating a woman who is 4 years younger than me for the last 22 years.

  8. Dang, that song makes me feel like pulling a Danny Kaye/Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly. Might have to download that someday soon. Thanks, Wayne.


  9. Mich--- glad it lifted your spirits. Kurt Ellling is M's favorite male jazz singer.


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