Thursday, March 19, 2009

North Penn Craft Fair where the mania begins

OK the mania is already here. Knowing, for just a few weeks, that we would have four craft shows in seven weekends... has kept us busy.

the first is this Saturday: The North Penn Select Craft Show is at one of the largest high schools I have ever entered. It is where my school taxes flow and it is where we saw those high school big bands playing a few weeks back.

so what else in the next 7 weeks ...

My classroom has 5 billion seedlings making more noise than made by any nest full of robins crying out for food.

I am still expected to teach my science classes even though horticulture has hit its busiest season. and I will.

Two big jazz dates will happen.

One big Cezanne date at the Philly art museum.

2000 minutes of icing and heating my shoulder.

10 more after school OT appointments.

a home garden that says, "OK, the shoulder is good enough. See you on Sunday." and it is good enough, if not feeling perfect.

a week off teaching but those seedlings will keep crying out for my attention.

and then there is a this fig tree ...


  1. Ohhh, now I know why you did not join us for Irish soda bread, cookies from Drew and tea.... We missed you. I am glad to see the fig tree is on your list, but don't worry too much, we will figure it out. Our last week in PA is busy, but I am trying to find time on Saturday to get to NPHS. Warm yoga thoughts are headed your way, breathe. Let's talk soon.

  2. Deep breath... I wish you much orange..... Not sure I can fit you in this weekend, birdwatching with the kids tomorrow, after baseball practice.... I WILL be thinking about you and sending all good vibes!

  3. Wow - that's a lot to have on one to do list. Thanks to my son's science fair project, we have some seedlings growing - there need to be more.

    Have fun and good fortune at the craft fair this weekend!

  4. Joy and Giggles--- unbelievable... we decided to stop at home before heading over to set up after work.... at least 30 minutes to drive from our home to the high school. I didn't think we would ever get through the one light. I missed my spirit group in the process. time to breathe.

    Kathryn--- glad you got some seeds going.

  5. Sounds like you have your hands full. I've got a patch of ground out front that needs to be resown with some grass seed. Other than that, a few flowers to plant. It is looking ever closer, though, to "mower time" again.....

  6. Jim--- yes, "mower time" was mentioned at work the other day. I may have to fit some of that into my schedule or schedule time to find someone to do it for me.


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