Friday, December 25, 2009

5 thoughts on the color red

  1. out of the red... back in November I imagined a number that may pull Nutmeg Designs out of the red. The sales came through. This means three things... money is available to do more shows and buy more glass, our house is not filled up with unsold items, and the IRS will not consider us hobbyists.
  2. the red light... OK, so I am blessed. I have lived and I am uninjured to tell a boatload of people the story of how a man went through a red light and into my orange car. I am blessed that a boatload of people have cared and that I am able to tell this story.
  3. the red glass... The Wernersville crosses have sold, well all that are to be sold. More will be made. In fact, a pink one is going to be made whenI leave this computer. At the last craft show my parents showed up and expressed interest in a red cross. On Christmas my dad unwrapped a box containing it. The other red cross was never displayed at the shows. It was the second cross I made, and last Sunday I handed it over to the one who goes by...
  4. Red... My friend who goes by Red, announced that 2009 calenders should be placed in a bonfire in my backyard... and yes, there are moments that I could have lived without experiencing... but if that fire eliminated the evening Red and her dude were on my porch as the neighbor child crashed into porch steps across the street (over and over again)... and how about the time we met up to listen to jazz, or the time we ran into Red and her dude on the way to the diner and they walked with us, or the conversation after I voted, or the time Red and her dog met up with us, or ... all the times she held the chalice that cleanses me as I kneel at the high alter. And so the second and first red Wernersville cross is ending 2009 in her home, and I find that very cool.
  5. Flaming Red... so as I woke up on the 24th and this blog post came into being, who among you will be shocked that a tune came to mind. Here is a woman who can compete with Red's hair color. Patty Griffin:


  1. The Wernersville crosses are beautiful! 2009 has been an interesting year but don't pitch all of it in the fire - there was some good stuff.

  2. Hey Kathryn.... thanks for stopping by. I might pitch the moment the deer tick got me, but otherwise I can live with 2009 ;')

  3. I agree that the deer tick and the car crash were bad moments. You did however see some good music and find a reasonable B&B in Rochester.

    BTW - my family loved the Christmas presents that I procured from you and Mosaic Woman. I forgot to order one so that young lady will have to wait until next year.


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