Wednesday, December 30, 2009

car crash and the apocrypha have me thinking about angels and listening to Sarah McLachlan

Needing to do something this coming Monday at church ... when you say you will lead a group of adults into a discussion... you have to do something... I picked up a book about the named and unnamed women in the Bible and found myself heading to Anna's story. Anna was the wife of Tobit. Much of the book is about their son Tobias.

Tobias is sent on a journey by his father. Anna is not happy because it is a dangerous path to travel, but Tobit has asked God to die and desires Tobias to get some wealth he left in another country. Anna does not know an angel of God is traveling with her son. Tobit does not know that the guide is an angel, or that the angel has been sent to heal two people who have made death wishes.

I did not make a death wish last Monday. All I did was move when the light turned green. If I had accelerated a bit faster I would have been missed. A bit slower and I would have felt a greater force. One friend suggested I had an angel with me that day. I always dismiss thoughts like that, for this reason... some one died in a car accident on that day. Where was God's angel? But Tobit gets my head spinning. Surely there were travelers, who set out on dangerous paths on the same day as Tobias. Did they have angels guiding them... not only to return safely, but also to meet the love of their lives.

I have many blessings in this life that continues to unfold in God's creation. Can I imagine an angel guiding me to peace, hope, and joy?

This is not what I was looking for when I went searching for a tune. I used to listen to Sarah McLachlan all the time and the line...

"You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie"




  1. My hearing is not what it used to be, Wayne, so I went to Google, pulled up another Youtube version of her with the words printed out before me as she sang. I am reminded of the last time we went to the Youth Detention Center and I sang (no music) some of an old Dobie Gray song entitled "Drift Away", my point being that it doesn't take a Gospel Hymn to speak to one's heart. As I said to them: What counts is when the tune is over-are you left with no more than the words, the song itself? Or is God there, speaking life unto you? Sarah Mclaughlan is one more whom I don't think I've ever heard before, but her voice, the lyrics, the whole theme is more than just a good listen. Thanks for sharing.....

  2. I too struggle with the concept of angels esp. their absence or presence - similarly with miracles and blessings. Why is one person more deserving than another? It doesn't help that such concepts have been used as clubs - my friend in a wheelchair has been told that clearly, she doesn't pray enough.

    Whatever the reason, I am grateful that you are safe after last Monday's accident. Is the car being repaired yet?

  3. OK, what can we do about those people who've said such things to Kathryn's friends?

  4. And on another note -- perhaps we do angels, if they exist, a disservice by presuming that they are around only when things turn out well for us. Perhaps they appear in vast multitudes, unseen by us, to surround those who die in car accidents, or by other means.

  5. Jim... I too (as you know) believe music of many types can speak life into us. I was actually trying to hunt down a jazzed up version of Angels we have heard on high

    Kathryn and Gannet Girl-- there is a yet to be blogged about character in Tobit, who I would not wish upon the mean spirited friends, but they seem to have a bit of the evil spirit in them already... as if any of us are pure.

    Gannet Girl.."vast multitudes" I like ... ;')

  6. I've never given the whole issue of angels much thought, as I used to think, "Why would God need any help?"

    Now, I'm not so sure.

  7. Kievas... look around, God needs a ton of help. Maybe we can help the cause this year. Happy New Years.

  8. Wayne, glad you're here to tell us about it, my friend. Yikes!

    I wish you and M all the best this year. :)


    PS. the verification word was "urica". Here's hoping we all strike gold either metaphorically or otherwise.

  9. hey Daisy. Happy New Year... yes, it may be an amazing year... will keep my eyes open.


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