Sunday, December 6, 2009

To fly solo: Stratoz's stained glass at the Pathway School Craft Show

When a good friend at the Pathway School told me they were considering having a craft show. I responded that Nutmeg Designs was booked through the first weekend of December. She scheduled their show on the 12th. I handed her a check.
Weeks later when Nutmeg Designs met at our corporate headquarters, a booth at the West Main Diner in Lansdale, I suggested to Mosaic Woman, that maybe it was time for me to fly solo. It was her courage that got this business going. In fact, I was on a spiritual retreat when she first filled the car with her mosaics and headed out to do our first show.
Since then most of our exhibits have been together. For the first time ever I have a large enough inventory to do a solo show. This is mainly because of the huge burst of studio energy I had following my most recent retreat.


  1. I like the photos. I hope the show goes well.

  2. Fly high, my friend. Enjoy the show, the folks, and may this snow storm at least arrive there a day or so late and many inches short of what they're predicting.....

  3. Kievas and Jim--- thanks for the positive energy. show went well. no major snows here, but got very very wet the other day.


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