Thursday, December 24, 2009

my life unfolds... like a roller coaster

I went to work on Tuesday and by the time business hours had passed two things remained a big mystery... Mosaic Woman's test results and if the guy who ran the red light had called his insurance company. The day was far from a complete disaster, but even I knew I was an emotional wreck as I entered prayer.

God helped by reminding me that it was only a car and the fact that an SUV moving at 50mph through a red light had not killed me, or even injured me...

But my mind did not go to a soothing place when I imagined Christmas morning after bad test results. It was not a great feeling.

By the time Wednesday lunch had arrived my car had been towed and I was heading to work (a bit late) in a rental vehicle. By the time I left work, Mosaic Woman had called to say the results were negative.

It has been quite a week. My stoic being was pushed to its limits of feeling down and then feeling up. and still my life unfolds...


  1. When it rains, it pours; or at least so often it seems that way. Yet I have found Him always there, even if unseen, unfelt, un-thanked at the time. Rejoice, my friend, in good news and in the celebration of what Christmas brings to us......

  2. I have been reading holding you and Mosaic Women in prayer; sorry about the accident and the stress that causes, and my heart is so happy that the test results were negative. Yeah!

  3. Giggles-- hoping you had safe travels, if you traveled

    Jim--- I think the joy would not have felt as great if I had not felt the funk the day before... and prayer was part of it.

    anj--- thanks for the comment and the kindness


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