Monday, February 1, 2010

Health update

Sunday evening around 6:30 I turned off the TV and picked up a book. Mosaic Woman went downstairs to make me dinner.

I had eaten a smaller lunch and was willing to take on a slightly larger dinner. Belly did generally OK though it made a few noises, being baffled by the presence of so much food for the first time in 96 hours.

So I made an assumption. If my digestive system had settled and my body had been fed... I was set to teach on Monday. So off I went.

Standing still proved to be less than fun as I tended to feel disoriented (how was I to know after 4 days in the bed). I was not feverish or achy. But I was not exactly sharp in mind. Students were informed of my energy level and how it related to my patience and responded kindly for the most part.

I am thinking about giving this wiped out body a day of rest tomorrow... not for bad TV. Well, maybe some. But there is a school gardening grant deadline looming, a seed order set to go but not made...

so I may take a day to rest and restore my spirit and lift some burdens from my shoulders at the same time. we will see.



  1. Wow, this has been a real ordeal.



  2. Good idea to listen to your body, Wayne. Give yourself a break, my friend.


  3. Gannet Girl and Daisy... I am resting and hoping for a good day for both my sub and my students.

  4. This surely sounds like it may have been more than just a bad disagreement with a bit of turkey. Get your strength back, my friend.....

  5. Jim ... feeling better these days even if not amazing


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