Saturday, February 20, 2010

staying with the high places... being grateful

Hotel Bethlehem Banquet
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The other night I returned to the daily Examen with ashes on my forehead. I am sitting with something I have been trying to ignore and may very well blog about that soon. But let me be grateful for the high places in my life.

I am working on a new collaboration project with Mosaic Woman on this day of a big date. After all the snow I am grateful for the sunny day and wider roadways that have come from gradual melting... we will be able to drive north tonight without weather concerns. A short visit with my parents will be followed by a walk up a hill to the beautiful and historic Hotel Bethlehem where we will say hello to my nephew who works there. He has hooked us up with a window seat overlooking historic Bethlehem and with gift certificate in hand we will dine at 1741 on the Terrace.

You see, when we thought about Christmas gifts this past year, I imagined a big date. Our favorite jazz singer was coming to the area. So we asked my parents for tickets to see Kurt Elling and the rest of the Monterey Jazz Festival on tour. Then asked my sister for a gift certificate for the dinner portion of the evening. There have been and will be many days this winter, which I don't want to see snow. Today may have topped the list. So here is to sunny days and gratitude for dry roads, music, historic buildings, good food, a loving family, and a Mosaic Woman to share the experience.


  1. Sunny days and melting snow...we need more of those!

  2. Sunshine is a lovely thing. Better even than donuts....

  3. Sweet violin! I love it even when it's "reduced" to a fiddle. It and the mandolin are my favorite form of instrumentals. Have a great date, no snow, and meat for the soul, my friend.........

  4. Kievas... most of the snow is off our roof!

    Michelle... hmmmm

    Jim... the violinist, Regina Carter, did a beautiful mellow duet of Georgia On My Mind with the pianist


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