Friday, February 26, 2010

an Olympic Sprint to Owen J Roberts Craft Show... 8 starflowers in 7 days

coming out of the five Holiday shows in five weeks, I turned to gift making. And three of the five pieces I made were given away. Then I turned to hearts and crosses. I made six hearts and sold two of them by simply opening my mouth at work, and then at facebook. Two crosses were made with the glass used in the hearts. Here is one that sold to one of my best friends from my undergrad days...
So with one week to go, I decided I needed some starflowers. Every starflower I have made in a multitude of colors has sold or been given away. So here I am hoping to make eight five-pointed star flowers by next weekend... three in blues and greens have been cut out and are ready for copper foil, three in warm colors are waiting to come into being, and two rainbow starflowers have their cool color glass waiting for the warm colors.
So having completed the hearts I had started before I got sick, having taken on three snow storms, and having enjoyed being a fan of the Olympics... I am streaking towards the Owen J Roberts Craft Show


  1. The heart is stunning. You make me want to brave the cuts and try this.

  2. Kathryn... thanks, if I get all 8 done I hope to get a group photo in the sunlight

    Olivia... bandages are good to have handy. Thanks for visiting


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