Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ten minutes of breathing then ten minutes of jazz

I've fallen into a habit on most workdays... after rising and breakfasting and computering and showering... I crawl back into bed for ten minutes.

It started in the longest nights of winter so maybe it was a hope of hibernating, however, it seemed to be a less restful ten minutes of my mind racing. So now it has become an attempt to slow my mind and watch my breath before work.

That is quite a task as surely I need those ten minutes to plan my school day. So, here is to breathing and watching the process and letting the rest of the looming day be quiet.

I did a search ten minutes jazz...


  1. I wanted ten more minutes in that bed this morning, got up instead and noted a dusting of snow, so drove in without checking any farther, only to discover signs on the door announcing the board had, one more time, shut us down due to the weather. My mind is a bit numb and perhaps I still need that ten minutes of sleep, but this music lets me think I could stretch out, listen, and let it take me somewhere. Then, again, trying to direct my thoughts toward any particular perspective while listening might just be a futile effort. The mood we're in often has a lot to do with it, don't you think?....

  2. I enjoyed the music...reminds me of a Wyndham Hill sampler cassette that I had ages ago.

  3. Jim.... The storm grazed us with 8 inches of snow and 30 mph winds. no school today.

    Jim & Kievas... The Koln concert is one of the classics of jazz. glad you enjoyed it.


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