Thursday, May 20, 2010

In a candelabrum are resplendent gleams

... have led us to the point

of entering into ourselves,

that is, into our minds in which the divine image shines.

Now in the third place, as we enter into ourselves,

as if leaving the vestibule and coming into the sanctum, that is, the outer part of the tabernacle,

we should strive to see God through a mirror.

In this mirror the light of truth is shining before our minds

as in a candelabrum,

for in it gleams the resplendent image

of the most blessed Trinity.

St. Bonaventure

So we went into our ourselves and shared

memories of times with friends

and imaginined how hard it is for others,

who have witnessed horror to overcome their memories.

And that was Monday with three friends at Holy Trinity.

I throw something out and catch gleams as

they emerge from the memories of my friends.


  1. You captivate here me with your shards of light.

  2. Many years ago I used to put out a weekly "bulletin" for the church and, as a monthly treat, I would go "interview" one of the elders. They enjoyed the visit. I feasted on their sharing of coming to Christ. One of our most precious gifts, in Him, is each other....

  3. This is really beautiful-- thank you.

  4. Christin... shards of light sounds dangerous ;')

    Jim... I am glad I have become better at sitting back and listening

    Mrs M... your welcome


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