Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bonaventure, more after Monday thoughts

From what I read out loud to my friends on Monday, what lingers the most is the voice inside of me that lets me know when I could have handled a situation better.

today at work I sent an e-mail expressing some thoughts, I could have conversed, but it seemed best to... How do we know what is best? How do we know anything for certain? How do we decide if our actions are good?

So I left Monday night with some things to think about, but I also have wondered if I led the group in the direction to avoid a deep darkness.

Two Mondays ago I spoke of trying to imagine the pain of others as a way to help us respond to it. I spoke of an example of stretching myself into a place that is far from my own life and experiences.

However, a friend is in pain, and I don't have to imagine as hard this time. I have been there, and maybe I was not wanting to feel that pain again. Sunday night's read of Bonaventure had one sentence jump out at me and made me think of my friend's pain ...

Bonaventure says,

When one has fallen down.
he must lie there
unless someone lend a helping hand for him to rise.

Do I know for sure that I went the wrong direction Monday night... No, but it kind of feels that way. Am I moving in the right direction now... possibly.


  1. trust your heart, my friend. i am keenly aware of your hand, stretched out to me and helping me to rise. the best thing is: it is one of many and so i know i am not alone.

    the anger is diminishing but the fear is increasing so i am meditating on the candelabra flame, looking for an equilibrium.

  2. Red--- need to feed my heart with some of those flames


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