Saturday, May 29, 2010


It was nearly four years ago, I came home from a haircut and took a shower. It was so easy to wash my hair that I was quite sure that I would not grow my hair out again.

Today I came home with a sour cherry pie, a loaf of bread and in a separate bag...

Thursday night I picked up a book and read an essay about autism. I knew, as I turned the reading lamp off, that I would be looking up a video. What I didn't know was that there is some major doubt about the story and I gave it 15 minutes of research and came out of it with uncertainty.

Friday night I was quite certain I was going to donate my hair to Locks Of Love and mentioned it on Facebook. This morning I woke up with one friend's concern about the charity. Turns out they are not perfect, but who is? But the thing is, my hair came home with me so I could spend time researching the "best" place to send my hair, or I can look up the address of Locks of Love.

For now, I am certain that I have the flexibility and the spatial skills to reach behind my head to take a photo of the hair that remains... style is due to my cousin, who cut my hair, and humidity.

and, I am not sure if my hair will ever be so long again, or if God exists, or if I will be kind to strangers, or if I will be as foolish as I was last night when I stuck my hand into some sheets of stained glass until the pain drew my hand back out.

I am sure that I am grateful for bandages, anti-bacteria ointment, and the love of a good woman who digs my hair.

Oh yeah... that book. I left it at home. So I am going to rise early and go bird watching tomorrow then drop it off at the book bin. Life can be uncertain which is why I just may never use a daily planner or maybe it is why I may start using one.


and then there is this classic rock tune that came on as I drove home today...

"well you walk into a restaurant..."


  1. That song takes me back. I'm glad the haircut was successful as was the procuring of pies and bread - sour cherry pie sounds delicious.

  2. Looking good. I like the idea of donating the hair. Hope your hand heals fast.

  3. Kathryn... maybe my memory is so poor because of all the 70 songs that filled it up

    Scott... thanks, hand is healing, but was the worst studio cut I inflicted in quite a while. I SHOULD know better.


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