Monday, May 31, 2010

a deal on classic jazz

Well the heat has kept me away from my garden, for now. But Margaret faced the studio to do some grouting. I was working on a final exam for my physics students, when she called down... "Can you put on some music?"

Like she would have to twist my arm.

Earlier in the morning, we had stumbled into watching The Memorial Day Parade in Lansdale. We had walked to Not Just Sandwiches in Lansdale for pancakes (if you dig nutmeg...) and some coffee. After the parade, I expressed my desire to check out the LP's inside of The Attic on Main Street.

For $6.36:


taste it...



taste it...


taste it...

like I said... she didn't have to twist my arm.


  1. lucky man ;-) thanks for sharing mate!

  2. Catchin up, myself, Wayne. I was here this morning, reading about the "loss" of your hair, wanting to listen to the link you provided, but Beth was asleep on the other side of the door so I opted to wait and comment later. Now I have several links to check out (I'm looking forward to Ella). Hope your holiday weekend was pleasant. Four to go, here, my friend; but all it means is the weather is getting hot....

  3. Thanks for the taste samples, Wayne!


  4. Juan... thanks for the comment

    Jim... hope you got to listen to the music

    Daisy... I had to share some of it.


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