Saturday, May 22, 2010

camp men-o-lan, a peaceful place

I thought of momentum on Friday. Our arrival at home from work found three bits of good crafting news...

an ETSY order for four of M's mosaics.
an acceptance into a craft show in our home town of Lansdale
and another acceptance into a holiday show in Bethlehem... Pennsylvania

so we headed out this morning to do our first outdoor show with that momentum. Set up went well, the pancakes were tasty, the neighboring booths were filled with handmade gems.

Sales were a bit slow, but word has it the crowds were low this year (weather?). However, it was peaceful.

Friday afternoon with five minutes to go in my work week, I walked into a friends office. She greeted me with a hug and a chair to sit down. I spoke of how it had been a rough time of late.

And there I was, not worried about sales, or this or that or the other thing. Just sitting and enjoying the peaceful place we had been invited to sell our craft. I walked around a lake and faced a marvelous forest.

The pancakes proved to be the motivation to get us into the outdoors. And there I found peace. How peaceful was it?

When the 20% chance of showers became 3+ hours of rain, I didn't curse the weather. I sat back and stayed dried and ate a crepe. And after every other booth had started packing up, we moved in that direction.


  1. What more could a person desire--to find peace in everything.

  2. Christin... it was a strange day. sad that feeling peace is strange, but maybe it will stay with me if I desire it and walk with it.

  3. Don't know if you read Hope or not, but she lives in Canada somewhere and it snowed up there for 48 hours producing what looks to me like about six inches of snow. A shame you got rained out, but it beats droving home over icy roads and maybe the relaxation in other ways was what you needed....

  4. Jim..... absolutely, needed that time of peace more than we needed an great business day.

    now for the sake of the camp, we are praying for great weather, great crowds, and great sales for their future events


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