Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It has been 11 years since I said to Mosaic Woman that I would not cut my hair till the end of summer... it has been cut twice since then.
A few months ago I announced on Facebook that I planned to get my haircut and buy new socks over winter break... I guess that sometimes I need to write my plans down....

October, 2008:

Saturday night we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of my aunt and uncle, whose house I vacationed at each summer. I remember playing amazing whiffle ball games with my cousin and eating waffles and sausage for dinner one of the nights. His younger sister, grew up to run a beauty salon.
After the meal, she asked me if I ever donated my hair to locks of love... before the calendar page flips to June, I will make my third donation. The appointment has been made.
... who knows, maybe I will buy some socks soon.


  1. Sorry to hear about the passing of yor friend, Wayne. I'm assuming he played a part in your returning to church as it is evident his life touched many along the way.

    Too many years in the Navy, my friend, for me to ever consider wearing my hair that long. In truth, mine bugs me within two weeks after a buzz....

  2. Jim, my friend was not the only part, but was a huge part. as for my hair, it won't be buzzed till I am feeling rather sure I am tired of having it long.


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