Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 for the weekend--- Hearts

47 189/365  a dark heart in need of some light

1. My Dark Heart: All the pieces can come together, but with out some light, our hearts can be dark.

2. My Foolish Heart:

3. The Purple Heart

Mosaic Woman
has been working hard on the decluttering process, which means our excess stuff has been flowing to those who can use it. One call to the good people at Purple Heart and a date is set. It goes on the porch in bags, it leaves in their vehicle.

What they do:

Through the sale of these tax deductible contributions, funds are raised which help support and train veterans and their dependents, help them receive VA benefits and provide direct financial assistance where qualified to our nation's veterans and their dependents.

4. John's Icy Blue Heart

To melt your icy blue heart
Should I start?
To turn what's been frozen for years
Into a river of tears

by John Hiatt

for all those who have experienced that river of tears, my blue hearts from this point on will always have some orange flames...

5. Mosaic Woman's Film Noir Heart:

6. The Unexpected Heart

You turn a corner, sign up for a class, sit at a counter, or start a blog; and if your heart is open, who knows what heart will show up into your life. A few days back I posted about making pieces while listening to Herbie Hancock. I also posted those photos on flickr, where friends pointed out what I had missed. The two with empty centers, were not empty after all. They were hearts. So this week, lets us point out the hearts our friends possess and which brighten our days.

so let me start the process:

7. Becky's Heart

I started this post with a dark heart, which I posted as my flickr photo of the day. A friend, who has been an amazing supporter of my attempt to post one photo a day for all the days of my 48th year had this to say: "Must be mine."

Well, I don't think her actions match that at all, so tomorrow I will post this photo of the above heart, and yes, I will call it Becky's Heart.

check out Becky's photos

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  1. I love the glass hearts! Especially the one with the "orange flame" chilies!!!


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