Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jazz on Tuesdays--- Jazz in Detroit

Mosaic Woman and I don't watch much TV these years, but my love of sports can lead me to watch the Phillies in the World Series, or a Super Bowl Game. The two minute Chrysler commercial was so well made and so different from most of the nonsensical ads that it caught my eye. This blog post reminded me of the feelings it tried to evoke.

Of course if you read the comments under the video you will read all kinds of rants, but I was filled with hope for anyone or any place that has to rebuild after hard times. To remember that beauty remains in harsh moments is a fine lesson for all of us to remember. I showed the commercial to Mosaic Woman and she decided to explore Detroit's beauty in a blog post that features one amazing stained glass chandelier and mosaics (shocking). As she was creating her post I kept wanting to say, hey find some jazz in Detroit, but stopped myself knowing that was my post not hers...

Born In Detroit:

Kenny Burrell (born exactly 32 years before me) plays guitar with John Coltrane.

Jazz Radio:

Just like Philly, Detroit has a station that plays classical during the daytime and jazz at night. WRCJ, which is housed with in a public high school: The Detroit School of the Arts where students get amazing opportunities like this:

Detroit Jesuit Jazz:

now who would have thought I would find something like this:

The Detroit International Jazz Festival:

If you have never been to Detroit (like myself), here is a reason to get there.

and to where the commercial ends:

How cool would it be to see a Big Band make this place jump and jive?


  1. Oh how wonderful. To see my inspiration turn into your inspiration, and the Mosaic Woman's (I haven't read her post yet, but I see the photo of the Fox . . . !), just thrills me, and chills me too. It is profound and moving to know how these vibrations move through all of us and can affect changes for the good. All those bad comments you saw, I feel they do the same, negatively. How easy it is to be shaped! So moving toward beauty, even in the face of cynicism, is a tough and important task. Bless you for this. And so cool about that arts school!

    I will be exploring Detroit more in the days to come, partly spurred on by your enthusiasm. Thank you.

  2. Ruth--- I'm not in the market for a car, but I wonder if Detroit makes any bicycles????


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