Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: starry night squirrel

47 180/365  Starry Night Squirrel


  1. I'm wild about squirrels, but... I'm uncertain about this guy.

  2. Wow! I like this a lot! Creative sculpture and great capture! I love the colors!

  3. What a gorgeous squirrel. Is this like the cow statues where there are different painted ones, or just a one off squirrel?

  4. What a fun squirrel! I wonder what prompted the sculptor to cover it in the Starry Night theme? Happy WW!

  5. Tried to read the plaque inscription, but couldn't; then went searching on google to find another picture of it. It must be a local attraction. Right?....

  6. I was wondering if the squirrel on Mosaic Woman's WW might be the same as yours, minus the facelift. But now I see they may not even be related. Great color in this little critter! Oh, and all your photos tend to make me smile!

    And get this, today's WV is "joyant". Yeah, I could make something out of that!

  7. Di--- open your heart to the possibilities of squirrels

    lindsey--- thanks!

    Sabriena--- Olean, NY is where we came across this guy and yes, they had many squirrels

    John--- don't know what inspired them, would be nice to know????

    Jim--- if you click on the photo you will go to my flickr site, under the photo is some of the info on that plaque

    Snowcatcher--- Joyant!

    Jo--- thanks!


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