Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crafting On Thursday- A Snow Day with Herbie Hancock (b): The Herbie Hancock Trio

The other day I blogged about listening to Herbie Hancock while spending time in my studio. I wish I could say that I entered my studio planning to not make a mosaic, but that was my plan. I wish I could say that I planned to get 30 pieces of my doodling with glass design pattern out of the Youghiogheny glass scraps sitting on my sitting board and that I would plan to get 15 warm and 15 cool color pieces. And that I would plan to make three pieces 7-3 on the warm side, 7-3 on the cool side, and a 50/50 blend. But I didn't, it all stumbled into being as I listened to Herbie Hancock.

As Village Life played I glued what ended up being 30 pieces of paper onto the glass and began to grind out the pieces, which I finished grinding as I listened to Maiden Voyage. As Maiden Voyage closed out I realized the warm to cool possibilities and divided the glass into three sets of ten.

I grabbed the warm blend as Gershwin's World started and began to foil. I played with the pieces and soldered as the CD played on and created the piece that greeted you up above.

The sun was down, dinner gone, a snow day coming to an end, when I grabbed the cool 10 and put The Imagine Project on the stereo... again I foiled, played, and soldered:

I went to bed and awoke to a day of teaching. I entered my classroom, got a pot of tea brewing and listened to River: the joni letters (blogged about here). I threw the CD in my bag at the end of the day and the next morning, with no snow to shovel and no school to teach I entered my studio and listened to Herbie Hancock's amazing tribute to Joni Mitchell:

Oh, yes! The Herbie Hancock Trio:


  1. When it turns out this beautifully, why wish it could have gone another way? Sounds like a perfect day, and the glass is wonderful.

  2. Hallelujah.

    I'm not sure what to rave about. First, the whole post, and your snow day. Yes.

    Joni is my favorite, and you've got her here with a new love: jazz. I am in a process of education about jazz, and Herbie Hancock is just amazing. I will listen to all these pieces this morning. I love, love how the music led you into your own space of creativity. One artist inspiring another. Joni inspiring Herbie. There is so much in this. Thank you.

  3. Di--- just wishing I could plan out such an event so that it doesn't have to always come up from behind and scare me ;')

    Ruth--- thanks for the rave!


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