Monday, February 21, 2011

Science Mondays--- tectonic

Driving into the Fault Line
Driving Into the Fault Line
by Giant Ginko

I am going to venture into plate tectonics this week at which point I may say, since I have said it often before,

What happens when India met Asia? Instant Himalayas, geologically speaking.

What I want to happen of course is for my students to ponder the amazing planet on which we live and for them to know that if one wants to feel the earth quake or see it spew, it is best to stand upon on a boundary crack.

and as far as humans causing quakes: Here are the top 5 ways according to Wired Science.



  1. Fascinating information at the link you provided. I could spend all day going from link to link to link.... What a wealth of information!

    My word verification is a hoot... notowar...

  2. Snowcatcher--- at first I was reading it as Not-O-War and thinking it was a descendant of a race horse


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