Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting On Thursday- Rising with Sophia

which comes first:

falling into an emotional funk or staying out of the studio?

I have felt riled up this week, letting things annoy me. Students, colleagues, friends, administrators, forms, stained glass artists who sell their pieces for dirt cheap, drivers, ...

I went 130 hours away from my studio, since Saturday when I cut and then ground 21 pieces to fill in a favored design.

For the last 90 minutes of commuting I have listened to one song over and over. A Canadian, singing a song written by a Canadian.

And a phrase resonates with my bitterness: it's a cold and broken hallelujah

and I think of Sophia. In the book of Wisdom, Sophia is given 21 attributes, one of which describes great swiftness. When I first read this I imagined the human need for God to flow into us as Wisdom before we say things we wish we hadn't said. And as I imagined myself a bit cold and a bit broken this week, I thought of my need for some Wisdom.

Today went better at work, so I returned to the studio to foil those 21 pieces. And what design has been waiting for me patiently, it would be my Sophia Mandala. The most recent to be completed welcomed you when you entered this blog post. The new one that is taking form is very verdant.

and it helped to read these words by Rumi at this blog.

There is a light seed grain inside.
You fill it with yourself, or it dies....
I'm caught in this curling energy. Your hair.
Whoever's calm and sensible is insane.

and it helped to ask this friend to pray for me.



  1. Great post .. I especially love KD Lang's version of Hallelujah. Thansk again for your VERY kind mention of my blog in your previous post.

  2. Wow, it's been that kind of few days for me too, cold and broken (and literally a broken furnace). Amazing how much it helps when someone else shares theirs. Thank you.

    So cool about finding the connection with your Sophia mandala, so beautiful.

    Just when I think I understand things, then Rumi throws in the opposite. Every time. Thanks for linking.

  3. Irritation with so many things... at the children for their inconvenient demands, at the traffic, at my husband for his weaknesses, at myself for my failures... to bed, maybe it will be better tomorrow...

    Thank you for your post.

  4. I just came off a rather difficult week myself and didn't get any art done in the evenings after work as a result. Now, I've just begun a three-day weekend. I'm sketching while it rains outside and am thankful for the warmth and quiet. Plugging away at the thankfulness installation this past week has helped though. Blessings to you Wayne!

  5. John--- I am amazed at how many singers have made this song there own. I am going to return to it in the near future.

    Ruth, Lynn, Valerie--- hope things are heading towards a better week.

  6. Praying about coldness, brokenness, and frustration came easily-- they're familiar prayers.

    You (and Mosaic Woman, as well) are still being lifted.

  7. Di--- thanks for your friendship and prayers. I had a much better week.


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