Monday, January 23, 2012

more Rabia on Mystical Mondays

a warm bloom from June 29th

on facebook this weekend I saw someone rant about how God was harshly greeting Joe Paterno, and it just doesn't match with my version of heaven, a place where we are met with amazing love and forgiveness.

so the question is, how did Joe respond, how will I respond?

I like what Rabia imagined the after life to be...


I know how it will be when I die 
My beauty will be so extraordinary that God will worship me. 
He will not worship me from a distance, for our minds will have wed, 
Our souls will have flowed into each other. 
How to say this: God and I Will forever cherish myself. 

also from this past week, how the moon, which as Wisdom reflects the light of God, can brings us closer to our lovers:


Maybe if I brought the moon a little closer
lovers would argue

They might hold hands outside and point to
the heavens and say,

"I think God is up to



  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts. Great posts!

  2. In hitting Next Blog at Blogspot I'm touring the world. The photos, layout and thoughts are enjoyable.

    I'm reading these from Oakland on a sunny day after a series of Pacific storms.

    As a Unitarian I'm sure Joe will do well if there is a well to do and as as an ex-Catholic he may be doing some work helping people to stand up and say something when things aren't right.

  3. Carol--- thanks

    Jack--- thanks for taking the time to comment. 99% of those coming in by way of "next blog" don't do it, sometimes the 1% make my day.


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