Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Really, thanks for the break from commissions

Forgiveness by Wayne Stratz

Last Sunday we set up our show at Pebble Hill Interfaith Church and there was plenty of creations that emerged in January.

Last August I took a big circle to the Jesuit Center and came home with a design.  The goal was to have our biggest mandala made in time for the show, so after New Years, I went for it, and the result is what greeted you.  As I went along I saved the scraps, and check out what Mosaic Woman did with them...

Sunset Spiral by Margaret Almon

I cut out Joy, twice, and twice I dug what Mosaic Woman did around my letters and design pieces...

The first Joy Mandala collaboration:
Margaret Almon and Wayne Stratz


Joy In The Sky by
Margaret Almon and Wayne Stratz

Margaret also had the time to finish this:

Spiral of Hope by
Margaret Almon and Wayne Stratz

and to go color crazy:

Margaret Almon

I ordered some blue glass so I could finish my second Red-Tailed Hawk:

and the one I imagined...

Imagine by
Wayne Stratz and Margaret Almon

and then finally with time running out I made the one sun catcher I needed for the show:

Sophia Spiral by
Wayne Stratz

so yes, as I begin to work on some commissions that just entered our lives, I am most grateful for a January to imagine and create for our exhibit at Pebble Hill.


  1. They're beautiful! I love the mosaics. Absolutely beautiful pieces.

  2. Carol and Valerie--- Thanks it was a very good month

    Di---- because I figured that the time it was going to take to pick glass for the hawk's colors meant that I would likely never do a second one, and cantankerous hawks like to have a neighbor.

  3. "Forgiveness" is gorgeous--love the color combinations. They remind me of a mixture of light and shadow... probably not accidentally?

    I'm usually not a rainbow girl, but I ADORE Margaret's "Rainbow"!

  4. Blackswamp Girl---- thanks, forgiveness began by accumulating possible glass and then going one type at a time keeping it symmetrical by 7's till I got to the final 28.

  5. Wayne - yours & Margret's collaborations are just getting cooler and cooler! I love the new "revise' glass/mosaic negative & positive space designs. Suzanne

  6. wow, what beauty. About 10 years ago, after Sept 11 I thought much art had turned dark and reflective, but I'm so grateful to see the home and light and vibrant color that you did in this show.

  7. These are all amazing, but Rainbow really caught my attention.

  8. Ahhh, the movement is so beautiful!

    Have you heard about this?


  9. Those are all so great! I particularly like the HOPE one. But I would hate to have to choose just one.

  10. Suzanne--- you are not alone. It is an interesting new design challenge to imagine doing mosaics this new way.

    John--- the word "home" is especially important in your message, thanks

    Ken--- her rainbows are hard to resist

    Ruth--- flow is important, it is how my life unfolds

    T. ---- thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings to you.

    Barbara--- the Hope one is one of the few not for sale, but the design will come again.


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