Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We are bold to sing

LP cover to Mary Lou Williams; Mary Lou's Mass
in Black and white

On Sunday mornings Mosaic Woman and I enjoy listening to NPR's Piano Jazz, this past week's episode was an interview with Randy Weston.  At one point he speaks of the education he received from Mary Lou Williams.  So tonight when I curiously grabbed the LP to the far right, I was glad to find Mary Lou's Mass in my hand.

On Sundays we sing The Lord's Prayer at our church.   Our priest has taken to the habit of changing, "we are bold to pray" to "we are bold to sing."  How I would love to hear a performance of Mary Lou's Mass.  A mass that is bold and sacred...
a faith lives on....


  1. I love your priest's adaptation of The Lord's Prayer! A bold and sacred mass would truly be an experience!

  2. Hello Snowcatcher... may we both be bold and sacred the next time we gather to worship ;')


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