Friday, January 11, 2013

RevGals Ask ... Where is its home?

Today I am playing the RevGal Friday Five: Where is its home?

Tell us your favorite homes for five things, the places that you can always and reliably find them. 

  1. a few years back a friend gave me the above handmade pouch, it hangs in my studio and it where I keep my scissors that is made to cut out stained glass pattern pieces.
  2. A drum that Mosaic Woman gave me sits by my chair of contemplation. Lately it has a new role in my spiritual life, but that is for another post.
  3. I never wore a pendant around my neck until a friend gave me cross she made based on one of my designs. It's second home is on the door knob next to our bed.
  4. Wallet, keys, phone, iPod, all goes in a tray on a bookcase by my bed. Only problem is all the papers I stuff in my pocket at work that also ends up in the tray.
  5. The pizza wheel is found in the same drawer every time we have guests over.


  1. 1. if i can't find my glasses, i can reliably count on someone else to find them sitting upon the top of my head.
    2. if i can't find my keys anywhere, i can reliably find them on the hook where they belong, where i just happened to put them for once.
    3. if i can't find my coat, i can reliably find hanging in the closet, where i actually hung it up, instead of leaving it on the stairs.
    4. i keep forgetting that i keep my nori glue in the fridge, as it keeps better there. but, that is where i can reliably find it once i remember.
    5. i can reliably find the trash in the kitchen trash can, waiting for me to take it out.
    6. (for good measure) (what ever that means) i can reliably find the cat at the back door every morning, waiting to be fed.

    1. Nance~ I can count on my neighbors cat being on our porch though I don't remember placing Bobo there myself

    2. Bobo is a really cute name.

  2. Interesting--when I tried to figure out some examples, the first thing I came up with was the computer and monitor. Probably because I'm sitting at it :)

    1. Ken ~ if you misplace your monitor... You are in big trouble


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