Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking for super powers ~ Southern Fried Science inspires this week's homework

I came across this blog post that matched five organisms with comic book characters who have the same super powers.  The creature in the video is one of the five, which character can do this?
    Thought it would be a fun homework assignment.  If anything I want my students to be amazed by life and learn the state assessment vocabulary along the way.

    So here is the homework, after reading the blog post and answering some questions about those organisms.  Come on people, really the life form that emerged from Chernobyl, check it out.  Here is the part I hope to see some creative juices flowing, even if it doesn't flow from all of them. 
    1. pick out five comic book heros and/or villains and find an organism with the same super power.  
    2. choose a character and imagine up an organism that has the same power.  Write a paragraph describing the organism.  Or draw it and label its power.
    3. find an organism that can do something which the average human cannot do and imagine a comic book character.  Write a paragraph describing the character.


    1. So now you need to do a follow-up with how the students did with this one, which, by the way, I would have loved as a teen.

      1. I will do that. It will be handed out to them next week.


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