Monday, February 18, 2013

Seven thoughts on Rainbow Mandalas

up close with Rainbow Dr Ed #3
by Wayne Stratz

Mosaic Woman are sitting down to write about our art for five minutes, one prompt was Now I love working with (Rainbow Dr Ed Mandalas)   


  1. I get to use a huge variety of glass (not just colors) and it works well.  The rainbow brings them together.  
  2. they are resonating with close friends, two of whom have bought one
  3. they are raising money to find a cure for pancreatic cancer
  4. they can be done in an endless variety of ways
  5. they can use colors I don't often use; like yellow-greens
  6. tis my favorite design
  7. a reminder to those who loved Ed that he touched my heart


  1. These are beautiful Wayne. The #2 reminds me of my childhood home, an old Victorian house had multicoloured stained glass windows in the porch.

    Sorry about your friend, Dr Ed. It's a lovely tribute.

    1. Daisy ~ glad I could remind you of your home. None where I grew up, but plenty in my church.

  2. Doing it to raise money for pancreatic cancer is so admirable, but I do love all of your reasons.

    1. Snowcatcher ~ thanks... When one is otivated in many ways, one can be moved to action


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