Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordlessly hanging out with Bobo Stenson in the woods


  1. Thanks, Wayne. This is the stuff that usually brings out the latent ADHD in me but this one was pretty. Think I'm gonna have another listen.

    Lovely setting. Must have travelled with a piano tuner...

  2. Interesting.... I listened to it again while doing something else and I enjoyed it so much more. I guess I should stand outside jazz clubs, festivals and concerts to listen. And maybe bring some knitting or something. ;-)

    1. Daisy ~ thanks for giving it a try. It is beautiful. But full of dissonance

    2. These days, the dissonance strikes a chord with me. Bad pun, but true.

  3. I'm with Daisy. I could let this play while I quilt the night away! Thanks!

  4. Interesting concept but probably difficult to keep the instruments in tune because of the humidity. I guess the aim for dissonance makes it easier to handle. You have to wonder what the forest critters do when they hear and see something like that!


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